The total weight of this ladder is just 19.25 pounds(8.73 kg). The lowest rung of the ladder has a lock system. Yi Hai Lightweight 6.5 Feet Telescopic Ladder. The lock system in the ladder keeps the ladder extended when in use and prevent collapsing. Louisville Ladder AE2228 – Best Long Extension Ladder. If you buy used make sure the thing isn’t twisted because, you never know, somebody might have dropped it and screwed it up somehow. 2. So if we find another lightweight ladder, it will surely be added in the post. Aluminium Step Ladder 3 Step - Folding Multi-Purpose Steps - Ladder Made from Lightweight Aluminium - Household Ladder - Light Weight 2.3KG - Non Slip Treads - … The weight capacity of the ladder is 330 pounds(150 kg). That means heavy people can also use this ladder for works. This also makes sure that there is no pinching of fingers when retracting the ladder. The non-slip cap at the bottom of the legs of the ladder prevents slipping of the ladder. The ladder is strong built and long enough to do most of the household tasks including window cleaning, gutter cleaning, etc. The Little Giant® HyperLite™ extension ladder is the lightest Type IA 300 lbs-rated fiberglass extension ladder in the world, bar none. The Gorilla GLF-5X has a Type I weight rating (250 pounds), which is less than the weight rating for our extension-ladder recommendation (Type IA, 300 pounds). Load Capacity (Type II Duty Rating) (11) $189. Featherlite fibreglass extension ladder 20 Feet grade IA (8) $249. Easy to store and carry around, this ultra lightweight telescopic ladder collapse down to just 30 inches. Multipurpose Ladders. It is durable, corrosion and rust-resistant. You just need to pull the release button and start raising the rungs to attain the desired height. Little Giant 22-Foot Velocity Multi-Use Ladder. The ladder is EN131 certified, and compliant with all the CE Standards. Some of the links on this website are affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase after clicking them, we will be paid a small commission at no extra cost to you. They hold all the rungs in place and prevent sliding of rungs and ensure smooth and slow retraction. The patent-pending HyperLite weighs up to 40 percent less than the leading competitor’s standard fiberglass ladder without sacrificing strength and stability. If electricity isn’t a concern, the choice of ladder material is yours. Little Giant Customer Review Be it professional construction work or hanging a picture on the wall at home, this ladder can prove to be a perfect ladder for every job. Also, once the job is done, the gas safety spring system at the bottom of each rung makes it safe and to lower the rungs. Little Giant 14016-001 Alta One Type 1 Model 22. December 12, 2015, 1:56am #3 Werner is the standard for aluminum extension ladders and you can get them at any big box store for a little under three hundred bucks. Check Latest Price. Check its latest price on Amazon. 00 / each. Louisville Ladder 40-Feet Extension Ladder, Louisville Ladder FE3232 Extension Ladder, Louisville Ladder 28-Foot Fiberglass Extension Ladder, Little Giant Ladder Systems 15426-001 26 Ladder, Ohuhu 12.5 FT Aluminum Telescopic Extension Ladder, Telescoping Ladder Extension Multi-Purpose 18.5 FT, Telescoping Ladder 15.5 ft, Aluminum Extension Ladders, 16.5FT Aluminum Telescoping Extension Ladder. An extension ladder that’s made of heavy-duty fiberglass instead of lightweight aluminum. It is safe and simple. The twin buttons at each end of rungs keep the ladder extended. Once the job is done, and you want to collapse the ladder, just press down the retraction button on the last rung of the ladder and the rungs will retract automatically and effortlessly. An extension ladder consisting of two 8-ft. sections will have an Industry Ladder Size of 16 ft., but due to the 3 ft. overlay, the same ladder will have an Extended Ladder Height of 13 ft. This telescopic ladder is easy to operate. Overall dimensions: 102.4 inches x  18.5 inches x 2.5 inches, Folded dimensions: 28 inches x  18.5 inches x 2.5 inches. It is made high-quality aluminum alloy which makes is strong, lightweight and without sacrificing strength. Extension Ladders. As a rule, fiberglass ladders are stronger than aluminum ladders, but poor-quality fiberglass models can crack. The highest standing level is four rungs down from the top. In the case of an extension … Well, you are in the right place then. Also, the steps are anti-resistant to avoid slipping when climb the ladder. Work-It 10.5 Ft Ultra Lightweight Telescopic Ladder, The Longest Telescopic Ladder: Detail Review, Industrial Ladders With Wheels: Tops 5 Picks For Every Industrial Work, 6 Best Ladder To Get On Roof Of 1,2 And 3 Story House, Collapsible Ladder- 6 Best Retractable Ladders, Little Giant Velocity VS Revolution: Which One Is Best For You. Increasing the height of the ladder with a quick lift of rungs. It is made of heavy-duty corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy for ultimate durability along with lightweight portability. Liked the ladder, click here to learn more about it on Amazon. It holds up to 300 pounds and weighs in at 42 pounds. … Louisville Ladder FE3232 Extension Ladder. Be it moving the telescopic ladder from one place to another or to retract it once the work is done. Pros - Can hold up to 300 pounds - Comes with attached wheels for easy transportation - Comes in sizes of 13, 17, 22, or 26 feet And working with a heavy one is even tougher. Compare. They call it … Ladder is a … Nov 4, 2019. Swivel Shoes. It is very handy and portable. If you need a lightweight ladder for indoor use then you must check this ladder. We have done all the researched for you and found out some of the lightest telescopic ladders in every length category. So, here the details information of all the ladders. … EN131 certified, this ladder is compliant with all safety standards. The hooks at the top of the ladder help to fix the ladder when working on the roof or cleaning the gutter. I can't believe how light it is compared to other extension ladders I've used. How much do extension ladders cost? Best Features. Not just lightweight, but this ladder is quite strong and sturdy. Let us talk about other features of the ladder. 12.5 feet when extended. P.S. Ohuhu 12.5 FT Aluminum Telescoping Ladder, One-Button Retraction Extension Ladder, Collapsible L… 10reviewz Participates In The Amazon Associates Associates Program, An Affiliate Advertising Program Designed To Provide A Means For Sites To Earn Commissions By Linking To Amazon. Light, strong, and easy-to-use, this collection is built for everything on your to-do list. The ladder is sturdy and can be used in all kind of works like window cleaning, installing lights at home, etc. Little Giant HyperLite Fiberglass Extension Ladder - 24ft., 300-Lb. Type IA - 300lb Load Capacity. Extension ladders should be 7 ft. to 10 ft. (2.1 m to 3 m) longer than the highest support or contact point, which may be the wall or roof line. Also, once the job is done, the patent one-touch release mechanism makes it simple to retract the ladder. We looked for the best lightweight ladder manufactured by different companies and compared their length, rating, and weight capacity. Having a 6.5 feet maximum extension, it collapses down to just 27 inches for easy storage. 1. Its length is 12.5 feet and thus can be used in almost all high reach household works. Even an old person in the house can work with it. Made of high-grade aluminum alloy, the ladder is strong and weighs lighter than any other 10.5 telescopic ladders. This ladder includes an advanced RungLock system that provides a simple, intuitive method of securing the fly and base sections of the ladder when extended. The ladder is very convenient to retract once your work is done. That’s crazy light for this class of ladder. With a maximum extendable length of 10.5 feet, Work-It telescopic ladder is lightest 10.5 feet telescopic ladder we found. Choose the ladder which fits perfect for your requirements. We did a great research before finalizing this article. ... With the ability to convert to an extension ladder, 90 degree ladder, stairway step ladder, and a double-sided twin step ladder, this jack of all trades collection offers the ultimate in versatility, safety, and stability. The ladder has a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds and is EN131 certified. Liked the ladder? Best Lightweight Extension Ladders. It can be expanded from 3 feet to 15.5 feet. Heavy telescopic ladders are really hard to work with. Weighing just 29.2 pounds (13.24 kg), the ladder is very portable and easy to use. Extending to an impressive 15.5 foot in height this collapsible ladder is perfect … Your email address will not be published. Aluminum ladders are lighter and therefore easier to move from one place to another. When expanded, each section of the ladder is held by intelligent locking pins. Little Giant really cares about their customers safety. The ladder comes with anti-skid rungs with deep treads. All the ladders are the lightest ladder in the respective length category. The reinforced plastic caps establish better contact with the ground. Yep, a 24′ fiberglass extension ladder at just 42 pounds. And once the work is done, collapse the ladder with a simple push-button. Shop ladders, cages, and accessories from Little Giant Ladder systems. This Featherlite 28 ft. fibreglass extension ladder has a 300 lbs. $258. The ladder is compact and easy to carry. Looking for ultra lightweight telescopic ladders? Weighing just 10 pounds, this very lightweight and perfect ladder for small tasks. This ladder is a perfect friend of all homeowners. The ladder is solidly built, expands to variable heights thus can be used for a number of works.

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